Brand System Design

VeramarX is the only accurate diagnostic test for early-stage Lyme disease. Lyme disease can only be treated effectively when diagnosed at the early stage of infection, which makes the company's branding and visual communication crucial to helping reach both medical and consumer audiences. Through an updated brand, website, and collateral, VeramarX desires to communicate trust to its audience. Trust of the company, its people, and its product.

Custom graphics and photography style add depth to any brand, and Veramarx is no exception! This brand system is equipped with a logo pattern, photography tone, and an easy to apply graphic style that can be used throughout the Veramarx collateral. The examples below share two easy applications for the photography tone and graphic style. 

custom Graphics & photography style

With such a unique platform and audience, we crafted a simple type logo and a corresponding sub-mark to fully represent this brand. After many revisions we settled on these marks due to their simplicity and clarity which sets a tone of approachability and professionalism.