A Little craft in your day

Branding, Logo Design

Born from a love of crafting, A Little Craft In Your Day is owned and run by Courtney Chambers and Tanner Bell. Together they share unique DIY projects and tutorials through their blog and video feed. Their primary passion is to share their love of crafting in an accessible and cost effective way. The “A Little Craft In Your Day” brand started out with a very young audience and DIY branding, but turning a new leaf ALCIYD is honing in their brand with the hopes of reaching both young and older (15-30 yrs) audiences. Their hope is that over the years the crafting you do alongside ALCIYD will become a treausured part of your life, whether that’s a chair from your highschool bedroom that is transformed for your college dorm, or from your college dorm to your first home as an adult. A Little Craft In Your Day shares unique DIY’s that enhance your everyday life.

Custom patterns add depth to any brand, and A Little Craft In Your Day is no exception! We equipped Tanner & Courtney with a wealth of patterns to use throughout their website, collateral and blog articles. Each pattern emphasizes the fun and creative vibe of each DIY project they share.


With such a unique platform and audience, we crafted a simple type logo and two corresponding
sub-marks to fully represent this brand. This unique structure ties in the outlined type that will be used within promotions and on the website while remaining distinct as a logo mark.