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Over the past 3 years I feel like I’ve grown a TON as an individual and as a creative, but more often than not I feel like I haven’t grown enough. I should be further along. This thought came to mind today (multiple times) as I was working on the project below.

Now, I totally love where this logo/brand is headed…but in all honesty, despite how stripped back this concept is, it took me 3 hours! I started with a fancy idea and a new skill I wanted to implement then 2.5 hours later I GAVE UP on the said fancy idea and new skill (that I will one day conquer!) and just went with my gut. Soooo, really this only took me about a half an hour to get out, and who knows if it’s a keeper, but I had to mess up a lot first.

Overall, this concept still needs to be fully fleshed out and I don’t regret any of that first 2.5 hours because those hours are what brought back the reminder that growth, ideas, and logos take time. Just my two cents from today. ;)



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